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Weights & Sinkers

  • 60 Assorted Sinkers - Dial Box
    $3.89 60 Assorted Sinkers - Dial Box
    60 Assorted Sinkers - Dial Box 60 assorted lead sinkers in a dial box. Split Shot, Bass Cast, Pinch-On, and Worm sinkers.  Perfect for freshwater fishing.  A little bit of everything you...

  • 2 oz Bank Sinker
    $0.39 Choose Options Bank Sinkers
    Lead Bank Sinkers These bank sinkers are high quality lead sinkers.  We use various manufacturers as fluctuating lead prices effect retail prices. Work your bait on the bottom with Bank Lead Sinkers or use to cast from...

  • Cannon ball sinker
    $0.79 Choose Options Cannon Ball Sinkers
    Lead Cannon Ball Sinkers When you want a sinker that will drop faster and straighter, the cannon ball sinker should be your choice. A perfect selection if you want to troll and keep your sinker off the bottom...

  • River Fishing Sinkers
    $0.45 Choose Options Coin River Sinkers
    Lead Coin / River Sinkers The donut-shaped River Sinker is designed to be used in turbulent currents in rivers and strong surf. The low-profile reduces the effects of fast-moving water and the rounded edges prevent it from...

  • Egg Sinkers
    $0.44 Choose Options Egg Sinkers
    Lead Egg Sinkers The hole in egg sinkers allows your fishing line to pass right through. A fish chomping on your bait doesn't feel any sinker resistance and he continues chomping until he is hooked. If the fish should leap...

  • Lead Flat Bank Sinkers
    $0.89 Choose Options Flat Bank Sinkers
    Lead Flat Bank Sinkers The flat bank sinker's low to the ground profile prevents it from being pushed or rolled. An excellent choice in fast moving water.

  • Lead Hatteras Storm Fishing Sinkers
    $0.89 Choose Options Hatteras Storm Sinkers
    Lead Hatteras Storm Fishing Sinkers Similar in shape to a Pyramid Sinker, the Storm sinker is used primarily for surf casting. The extra teeth make for a stornger hold on sandy bottoms. Perfect for surf...

  • Pyramid Fishing Sinkers
    $0.44 Choose Options Pyramid Sinkers
    Lead Pyramid Sinkers Pyramid sinkers differ from bank sinkers and cost more.  Pyramid sinkers contain a brass or stainless steele eye where bank sinkers have a loop in the lead casting. Pyramid Sinkers are a practical...

  • Removable Split Shot Sinkers  - Dial Box
    $3.99 Removable Split Shot Sinkers  - Dial Box
    Removable Split Shot Sinkers - Dial Box Assorted Sizes. Nice 3 1/2" diameter dial box Sinker assortment with removable split shots - 124pc. Dial Box