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Pro Staffer Laura

Laura is an avid outdoorsman, who is up for any challenge and not afraid to get dirty. Her determination and dedication allowed her to become one of the top professionals in the archery and hunting world. Now she is ready to focus on her next great adventure...Fish Bewarelaurahunt.jpg


Fishing since the age of 5, Laura Francese enjoys all types of fishing and targets all species.  Growing up she considered herself  a “fly girl”.  “Fly fishing has always been a passion of mine” stated Laura in a recent conversation.  Her “current” favorite target is Walleye.



With that said, we know Laura is always up for a challenge and she does actively fish both salt and freshwater. 

bow-fish.jpgCombining the sport of archery with the sport of fishing seems unfair for the fish when you have an archer of Laura’s caliber. As you would expect, she could handle bow fishing.




We want to give the fish a chance, so we are partnering with Laura and providing a traditional rod & reel.




Laura is an ambassador for outdoor sports and she actively participates with various organizations to raise money and awareness for some great causes.  She has taken part in events for Breast Cancer Awareness and Team RWB (Supporting Veterans returning from Combat).

To find out more about Laura and to read her full bio click here.