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AquaSkinz Fishing Gear

Here in the North East Aquaskinz is known for providing "serious Gear for the Exreme Sportman".  Go to any surf fishing spot and you are sure to see Aquaskinz products in action.  After cattying Aquaskinz for over 2 years we have not had one complaint.  Most sales come from word of mouth referrals.

  • Aquaskinz Albatross Bib Pants
    $129.99 Choose Options Aquaskinz Albatross Bib
    Aquaskinz Albatross Bib Pants The Albatross bib are in a class of their own! They are simply loaded with features you won’t find in similar products! This heavy duty bib is hard wearing and rugged, yet flexible without...

  • Aquaskinz Bayman
    $123.00 Choose Options Aquaskinz Bayman Splash Top
    AquaSkinz Bayman Splash Top  The Bayman is perfect for those summer nights or early mornings when minimal protection is what’s needed. Light weight, windproof and breathable. Highly affective for keeping the user...

  • AquaSkinz Hurricane Dry Top
    $225.00 Choose Options Aquaskinz Hurricane
      AquaSkinz Hurricane Dry Top When staying absolutely dry and warm is a must in the Fall or early Spring the Hurricane neoprene dry top is the one! The Hurricane Dry Top is made of superior grade 3mm...

  • Aquaskinz Nor East
    $255.00 Choose Options Aquaskinz Nor East
      AquaSkinz Nor' Easter Full Zip Waterproof Top  Whether you are on a boat, along the shore line of an ocean, lake or your favorite Trout stream this jacket may become your best friend. The...

  • Aquaskinz Phantom Top
    $245.00 Choose Options Aquaskinz Phantom Top
      AquaSkinz Phantom Waterproof Top   When comfort, function and reliability are a top priority, you will call on the Phantom Semi-Dry Top! This jacket is fully breathable, windproof, waterproof,...

  • Aquaskinz Rampage
    $230.00 Choose Options Aquaskinz Rampage
      AquaSkinz Rampage Splash Top       Made to withstand the punishment dished out by the North East Atlantic Ocean, this top performs well whether on land or on a boat. The Rampage Splash Top...

  • Aquaskinz Raptor Dry Top
    $250.00 Choose Options Aquaskinz Raptor Dry Top
        AquaSkinz Raptor Dry Top   The only breathable dry top truly designed, cut and thoroughly thought out with the surfcaster and kayak fisherman in mind! When you are in need of that little...