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About Us

We are just normal anglers tired of overpaying for the hobby of sportfishing. We decided to launch a website to offer information and fair pricing to all.  Originally, this was only offered to Charter Captains but the demand grew until we were able to offer this community.  With so many contacts around the world we have some much info to share but there is always room to learn.  By putting this community together we hope to share knowledge, experience, and the passion of fishing to all.  Whether you are a seasoned angler or just like to get outside with your child, you came to the right place.  We do it for the love, the passion.

 I see overpriced gear and I look for deals.  I don’t find a deal, I make the product.  Not only make it; but improve it and offer it cheaper.  I dare you to look at our offshore gear prices and compare it to the major brands.

We are partnering with the best of each area.  It is impossible to be an expert at everything.  We don’t pretend to be.  If you see an opportunity, contact us.

We want to become the #1 fishing site in the world.  That’s all.  We will continue to evolve the site offering the most up to date features and information based on member response.  We will offer the finest gear from top vendors and low prices.  Whether you fancy saltwater, freshwater, fly, ice, kayak, inshore, offshore, surf.  We want your business. You are not our customers you are our members;  members of a club that will expand and realize even better savings and information through our growing member base.

You don’t need to buy a single product to be a participating member, but we hope you do.  Take advantage of our helpful information and forums.  Add info that may help others.  Sportfishing is just that; a sport, a hobby. We hope to get you the most appreciation of the sport.

We are building long term relationships.  There may be a bump along the way but I ask you to contact me personally to resolve any issue There will never be a bad word said about our community. I guarantee I will work to resolve any issue and 100% satisfaction is the only goal.

We are partnering with vendors and suppliers to give you great deals on fishing gear  We are also partnering with Captains around the world to provide the latest information and tips to make your fishing time the best it could be

Contact us for anything.  I encourage you to share info pictures, anything about fishing.

This is our passion. We hope you have fun with it; we are. Bottom line is we have bills to pay to keep this site up.  Please consider us before making your next purchase.  If you don't see it, email us and we will try to get a group or bulk purchase price.